Expert Witness

Sometimes situations arise on which two parties cannot agree and which require an expert witness to arbitrate. Expert witnesses can also help with the design process to validate designs done by others.

The advantage of being a fully independent practice is that we have no allegiance to any manufacturers so our expert witness reports can be readily accepted by both parties.

We can verify lighting design calculations and installations and complete full site measurements to measure performance against design. We are able to use computer simulation to analyse light pollution or daylight design.

We can assist with planning issues such as obtrusive light and impact assessments and we can also report on compliance with designs to British Standards, the SLL Code for Lighting and other CIBSE and SLL Lighting Guides including LG7.


“Liz performed very well; she answered clearly and authoritatively and sought to assist the court, which is really what she was there to do.”

Nick Walker. Senior Associate, Lewis Silkin LLP

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